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  • The reason we chose FloristWare is simple: it's easy to use AND powerful. The touch screen interface leads order takers through then entire customer care process and then tracks the progress of the order from the design room to the delivery van and to the final destination. The marketing tools allow us to automatically remind customer of their special events and with a built in customer history, reorders are a snap!
    – James Lowe AIFD, CFD
    Owner, Lowe's Floral | Minot North Dakota
  • Mark has created the most incredible Point of Sale system in the floral industry. Easy to use, great customer service and innovative ideas for making every floral business as profitable as possible make this the best system on the market. Mark has amazing ideas, listens to the needs of his customers, and is always interested in ideas to make this a constantly evolving and growing system.
    – Kelly O'Mara
    Marketing, Pistil Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • It keeps order taking/processing consistent for the entire team and it saves time in training new staff. It's also beneficial in locating data/records in a timely manner.
    – Alison Roberge
    Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
  • I got this order from a customer who lives in Houston TX, hasn't ordered since 2009, thanks to FloristWare email reminder feature!!
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
  • During a recent Jewish holiday a customer was placing multiple orders – by viewing their recipient list and previous orders we were able to remind them of someone they usually include, giving us the additional sale and saving our client from an embarrassing situation.
    – Jessica McEwen
    Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • I cannot believe how much my customers love the e-mail invoicing and delivery confirmations... in 4 months of using FloristWare I feel so much more interactive with my customers because when I send the invoice or a delivery confirmation they usually write back with how the recipient liked the flowers or a quick thank you or even a picture that they got from the recipient... this is huge in todays marketplace... I am also impressed with the plethora of marketing tools and the possibilities opened up to have a continuing relationship with my customers, the points system is a great offer to my customers and something they don't need to track so it is easy, I cannot wait until they start seeing the benefits and really get the idea behind it.
    – Post to Our Facebook Page
  • FloristWare is great. Many adwords to track sales and marketing features to help you drive your ship. No contract!
    – Rick Rivers
    Owner, A Floral Boutique Florist | Ormond Beach Florida
    Creator of Florist Bootcamp, Respected Industry Speaker and Author
  • Customers who request past information on items they have purchased/sent before are easy to look up - customers really appreciate this feature. Also, having the ability to email invoices/receipts to customers straight from FloristWare enchances the professionalism of our business.
    – Dorothy Zunti
    Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
  • we have been with FloristWare for about 4 far all is good. They were very quick to get back to us with answers to our questions, in the beginning when we needed some guidance. But pretty smooth sailing ever since day 1. It is so nice to have all our numbers at our fingertips and all our customers at our fingertips.....paying sales tax this past quater was the simplest ever...
    – FloristWare User
    New Jersey
  • Being able to repeat an order easily from a customer’s history has been very helpful – not having to type everything up for customers who order the same thing weekly for example is a great time saver.
    – Jessica McEwen
    Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario