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  • We are able to communicate design ideas via a FloristWare quote, and tailor orders to fit the client's needs and budget.
    – Rosemary Little Jeffares
    Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • The Budget tool in FloristWare has proven very popular when dealing with price conscious clients. It allows staff to enter the clients’ total budget (what they’re prepared to spend) and FloristWare automatically backs out any applicable service and/or delivery charges and sales taxes. This shows the sales person how much money is left to spend on product.
    – Alison Roberge
    Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
  • I just processed our first house account payment in FloristWare. It worked perfectly! It was fantastic!

    You can’t know how much of an improvement this is over how (previous POS system) handled house payments. Just applying a payment to the balance without regard to which invoice was being paid.

    Now we will look soooo much more professional to our business customers.
    – George White
    Owner, Morningside Florist
  • For the longest time I thought a POS was there to organize orders and run reports; boy was I wrong. After looking at FloristWare, I now know that the greatest feature a POS should have is a marketing solution that makes money for me. After useing or testing other floral point of sales, FloristWare's marketing features are amazing, easy to use and is a lot easier to train new staff to use than other systems I have tried. One bad thing about FloristWare is, I lay in bed at night excited coming up with new marketing ideas with my wife and I am losing a lot of sleep. :)
    – Brandon Kirkland
    Owner, The Enchanted Florist | Ashland Washington
    Founder, Epic Flowers Websites For Florists
  • Recorded orders make serving repeat customers more quickly and efficiently, and gives us the opportunity to get to know exisitng, as well as new customers, well in a more personal way, thereby developing stronger relationships which, in turn, creates customer confidence and the feeling of greater personal attention.
    – Dorothy Zunti
    Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
  • Being able to repeat an order easily from a customer’s history has been very helpful – not having to type everything up for customers who order the same thing weekly for example is a great time saver.
    – Jessica McEwen
    Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
  • I'm convinced the fundraising feature doubled my Prom business this year. I partnered with the local high school to give back 10% of all the Prom business generated by the school. They put my glossy postcard in all the Prom packets. My Prom Open House this past weekend was a HUGE success, and Floristware is tracking it all for me.
    – Annette Hentz
    Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
  • I got this order from a customer who lives in Houston TX, hasn't ordered since 2009, thanks to FloristWare email reminder feature!!
    – Adam Pomerantz
    Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
  • FloristWare is great. Many adwords to track sales and marketing features to help you drive your ship. No contract!
    – Rick Rivers
    Owner, A Floral Boutique Florist | Ormond Beach Florida
    Creator of Florist Bootcamp, Respected Industry Speaker and Author
  • The product is easy to use and there are built in strategies to raise the average order.
    – Leslie Kirkland
    Owner, The Enchanted Florist | Ashland Oregon