Great Question: Missing Customer Information

September 15, 2006 at 10:44 AM

Earlier this week we spoke to a user who wanted to do some marketing. Specifically she wanted to send a newsletter to all of her customers so she used FloristWare to print mailing labels for all of her customers. This is part of the "Customer Relationship Management" part of FloristWare. 

She knew that she had entered a lot of people into FloristWare but she was surprised by how few address labels printed out. The reason for this is simple - when you are doing marketing FloristWare will only print out address labels for the people who have complete mailing addresses (including ZIP/Postal Codes) on file. If you don't have a complete address there is no point printing a label so the system doesn't bother.

She was a little disappointed that she had not collected more of this valuable information but was very happy to learn that FloristWare features a special "Customer Tools" feature that allows her to go and collect the data she needs.

The "Customer Tools" are found in the Marketing section. Among other things they let you create a list of everyone who does not have a complete mailing address on file. You can then enter the information - you can call the customer to get it, or you can take it from a phonebook or internet.

It's another feature that helps you maximize your marketing efforts!

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