Maine State Florists & Growers Annual Spring Design Show 2014

Maine State Florists & Growers Annual Spring Design Show 2014

Black Bear Inn Conference Center & Suites - 4 Godfrey Dr, Orono, ME 04473

The Maine State Florists & Growers Association 2014 Annual Spring Design Show & Trade Fair will be held Saturday March 29th & Sunday March 30th, 2014 at the Black Bear Inn, Orono, Maine.

The show will feature a talented panel of 3 designers (Rhonda Davis, Jenn Waitkun MMFD, and Leslie Otto MMFD) and the commentator will be Carmen Nelson, AAF, AIFD, PCFI. 

FloristWare is pleased to be sponsoring Rick Rivers, author of  “Blooming at the Top, 12 Strategies to Double Your Sales” and “No Fishing in My Pond, A Blueprint to Protect Your Sales”.  Rick has taken all the “big box” strategies and re-worked them for the local florists and one of his direct mail campaigns hit a 29.6% return.  He also shows florists how to put a fence around their customer base and keep them coming back for more sales, thus allowing them to make the extra money that the local business owners need.

Rick will be doing a business workshop on Saturday and a featured presentation on Sunday. One session will be on marketing and the other will be an exciting new topic that is currently being overlooked in this industry - being careful to avoid breaking the "glass ceiling" of each customer. Some "experts" and coaches are telling florists that they should increase the customer's spend by 20% on each order. That can lead to some bigger sales in the short term but also leads to fewer sales in the long term as customers who feel pressured to spend more than they would like simply move on and shop elsewhere.

The goal for this year’s trade fair is to help members “Reclaim our Industry” with new and innovative ideas, products, education, networking abilities and to create a fantastic place to shop. 

For more information on this event, please visit the Maine State Florist Association website.

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