SAF Congressional Action Days 2013

Mar 11th - All Day
Crystal Gateway Marriot - 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington, VA 22202


Want Washington to support your floral business? Help the people you elect understand it.

Every day in Washington people just like you walk into Capitol Hill offices to tell legislators what's important to them. They're not professional lobbyists but ordinary citizens exercising their right to be heard. And Congress listens.

Nothing has more power than the personal story of a constituent who takes the time to come to Washington. Imagine the impact when people from every part of the floral industry walk into offices on Capitol Hill on the same day and speak with one voice.

SAF Congressional Action Days: This is your time to be heard in Washington.

After the November elections, new legislators will need to know (and veterans reminded) about your business and the importance of the floral industry so that they understand how their voting decisions impact constituents. That's what we'll be doing March 11-12 in Washington.

This is your chance to make sure your members of Congress understand what you do and why it matters — the jobs you provide, the taxes you pay, the important relationships you have within your community; and the importance of a healthy floral industry.

If you don't speak for your business ... who will?

Presented by the Society of American Florists. You can find full event details and a complete schedule on the Congressional Action Days section of the SAF website.