FloristWare Features & Pricing

Please take a look at some of the resources below. We hope that they might convince you that FloristWare can help your flower shop be more profitable and efficient.

FloristWare Pricing

FloristWare was the first POS system for florists to introduce an easy-to-understand, no-strings-attached pricing system. Ten years later and nothing has changed.

FloristWare And The Cloud

The cloud should be a business decision not a religion. FloristWare uses the cloud to make our POS better for our florist clients, not to reduce our costs.

Windows & Mac Compatible

FloristWare is fully featured flower shop software that works on the operating systems you know and are comfortable with: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Credit Card Freedom

With FloristWare you can use whatever credit card processor/merchant services provider you like. You get the best deal and we'll make it work.

Powerful Reporting

FloristWare offers retail florists advanced reporting tools that help them better understand and improve their flower business.

Website Integration

Florists deserve the best so FloristWare integrates with the best floral ecommerce websites and online flower stores.

Order Relay/Wire Service Integration

How FloristWare integrates with some of the different order relay/wire service options for florists.

Track/Maximize Advertising and Marketing Efforts

Powerful sale tracking tools in FloristWare help retail florists track performance and maximize advertising and marketing budgets.
For the longest time I thought a POS was there to organize orders and run reports; boy was I wrong. After looking at FloristWare, I now know that the greatest feature a POS should have is a marketing solution that makes money for me. After useing or testing other floral point of sales, FloristWare's marketing features are amazing, easy to use and is a lot easier to train new staff to use than other systems I have tried. One bad thing about FloristWare is, I lay in bed at night excited coming up with new marketing ideas with my wife and I am losing a lot of sleep. :)
– Brandon Kirkland
Owner, The Enchanted Florist | Ashland Washington
Founder, Epic Flowers Websites For Florists