Powerful reporting for retail flower shops.

Better Reports Through Advanced Reporting Tools For Florists

FloristWare offers retail florists advanced reporting tools that help them better understand and improve their flower business.

Good reports are essential to any business, and they are even more important to a complex business like retail floral. FloristWare helps by providing a wide variety of easy-to-understand reports that are also quick and easy to generate.

The list below contains just some of the basic reports that the FloristWare POS system for retail flower shops makes easy to generate and understand.

Accounting Reports

Station Cash-Out


Journal Entry

Credit/Debit Cards by Day


Payments by Day

Payment Transactions List

Sales Accounts Report

Sales Transactions List

Tax Exempt Sales List

Taxes by Day

Taxes by Destination (Municipality)

Taxes by Destination (State)

Promotional Sales

Comp Sales

Discounted Sales

Accounts Receivable Reports

Account Balances

Accounts Receivable Activity

Aged Receivables by Account

Aged Receivables Summary

Deferred Payments (Outstanding)

Sales by Account

Marketing Reports

AdTracker Report

Fundraising Report

Floral Strategies Follow-Up Report

Production Reports


Local Deliveries

Outgoing Wires

Pending Orders (By Item)

Pending Orders (By Product)

Components Report

Completed Deliveries

Sales Reports

Daily Sales Report

Daily Sales Report Summary

Daily Notes

Sales by Product

Sales by Category

Sales by Occasion

Retail Sales by Hour

Retail Sales by Day

Retail Sales by Month

Compare Sales by Day

Compare Sales by Month

Compare Sales by Product

Compare Sales by Category

Wire Sales by Day

Sales by Customer

Franchise Performance

Staff Reports

Staff Performance

Suspicious Activity

Late Cancellations


Staff Commissions - Clerk

Staff Commissions - Sales

Punch-Clock Report

  • End of day reports and cash register reconcilliation is the most fabulous thing ever! On (old system) it took some one about 20 minutes to input all the info into the computer and run the 30 pages of reports and wait forever for the credit cards to capture – a real drag! Now, all that same info is on two sheets of paper and it takes about half a second to print it and make sure all the money matches up. This make me smile every day!
    – Barb Watson
    Owner, Fred's Flowers | Logan Utah
  • Overall I am very happy with FloristWare. The staff find it simple. It has a simple user interface and has so many features. It acts as a marketing tool, reminders, loyalty programs, free training, inventory, recipes, reports, order history, quoting, punch clock, accounts, statements and wire integration.
    – Alanna Volp
    Owner, Billies Flower House | Squamish BC
  • we have been with FloristWare for about 4 mos....so far all is good. They were very quick to get back to us with answers to our questions, in the beginning when we needed some guidance. But pretty smooth sailing ever since day 1. It is so nice to have all our numbers at our fingertips and all our customers at our fingertips.....paying sales tax this past quater was the simplest ever...
    – FloristWare User
    New Jersey

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