FloristWare, Teleflora and Dove

Details on how florists Teleflora shops use FloristWare – order relay, web orders and reporting.

Does the FloristWare software system for retail florists integrate with Teleflora? Flower shops that belong to Teleflora sometimes ask this when they are signing up to use FloristWare in their shops. Fortunately many of our clients are also Teleflora members and we have lots of experience in this area.

It’s a good question, but it’s also a little complicated, and it’s best to break it down into a few smaller questions.

Does FloristWare Let Me Send/Receive Teleflora Orders?

Teleflora offers several important services to flower shops, with one of the most important being a wire service/clearing house. It is this component that allows Teleflora members to send orders between to other and get paid. FloristWare is 100% compatible with sending/receiving Teleflora orders. This is how it works.

Imagine you are a Teleflora member and a FloristWare client, and you take an order from a retail customer for delivery to another city. You would use all of the FloristWare features to speed the order-taking process, collect payment, gather marketing information, etc.

Once the order is complete and you have all the information you need FloristWare helps you select a Teleflora shop and get that information to them.

FloristWare does this by showing you the Teleflora florists in the delivery city that you like to deal with. It shows you what they have sent you (order count and value) vs. what you have sent them (known as reciprocity). FloristWare also lets you keep notes and assign a star rating to each florist - all to help make sure you choose the right florist for the order.

Once you have selected a florist FloristWare gives you several different options for sending it. If you want to send the order over the phone, and some florists still do, FloristWare will present you with all of the order information so you can provide it to the filling shop. Alternatively FloristWare can print a special worksheet that you can fax to the florist. It can also fax this same worksheet to the florist directly, or send it to them directly by e-mail – the filling shop will get a pdf that contains all of the relevant order information.

These powerful features make it fast and easy to send orders – much easier than digging through a directory.

FloristWare also helps with incoming orders. When a florist sends you a Teleflora order, FloristWare helps speed the order-taking process while making sure you get all the needed information. FloristWare then prints the worksheet, enclosure card and delivery slip. It also adds this incoming order information to several different reports.

Perhaps most beneficially FloristWare also automatically prepares a "Report Of Orders Filled" to be sent to Teleflora, ensuring that you are compensated for all of your incoming. This saves a great deal of time.

Does FloristWare Integrate With The Teleflora Dove Network?

The Dove network is a private Teleflora network that allows Teleflora members to relay order information through Teleflora Dove terminals and Teleflora POS systems. Access to this network would make sending, receiving and reconciliation even more convenient for our clients, but access to the network has not been granted.

That doesn't mean the two systems (FloristWare and Teleflora Dove) don’t work together though. They do, and if you are a Dove user, FloristWare will still speed the process of taking an order from a retail customer, collecting payment, gathering marketing information, etc.


Other Options

Some Teleflora shops using FloristWare choose to send their orders over the Dove network using a Dove terminal. FloristWare prints out a special worksheet that they use to enter the order details into a Dove terminal. It is a little extra work, but you get the benefit of all the great marketing features in FloristWare.

Orders coming in over a Dove terminal can be handled two ways. Some flower shops choose to enter the details into FloristWare, and it will generate the worksheet, enclosure card and delivery slip, and also add the order to several different reports.

Other florists choose to just fill the orders without entering them into FloristWare. It all depends on order volume but we hear good things about both approaches.

What About My Teleflora Website?

Unfortunately FloristWare cannot automatically process orders placed on a Teleflora website. It is a little bit like incoming orders and gets back to the Dove network and the fact that we don’t have access to it.

Customers tend to approach it the same way. Some enter the web orders into FloristWare, others do not.

Most of our clients use websites from one of our website integration partners. These independent providers offer solutions that give the florist more control over their website, and full control of the products offered for sale.

Looking for an alternative to Teleflora? Many of our clients send and receive orders through Flower Shop Network.

  • We couldn't be happier with the ease and convenience that Floristware provides with wiring out our floral order through Flower Shop Network. We've always enjoyed working with both of them, but now that they interface, it's made our life so much easier. The transaction is now just a one step effort, and was very simple for all the staff to master.
    – Ray German
    Owner, Taylor Made Florals | New Hampshire
  • We are very impressed with the FloristWare point of sale system. Mark and the staff at FloristWare provide a straight forward, easy to use point of sale to manage a retail flower shop at an affordable price. Their customer service and responsiveness meet the highest of standards.
    – Loranne Atwill
    VP Operations/Owner | Flower Shop Network, Inc.
  • It is great sending through Flower Shop Network. With 1 Click and it is done!!!! Could not be easier! Thanks so much for your great program! I could not imagine not using Floristware… I would recommend it to anyone!!!!! Thanks Again!
    – Ricky Mapes
    Owner, Tylertown Florist | Tylertown Mississipi