Site Credits

The people and technology that allow us to build and maintain this site.


Concrete5 CMS

This site is built in Concrete5 CMS. It is an absolute pleasure to work with and it is hard to imagine any other content management system providing a better return in performance, appearance and functionality for the time and resources invested.

Florist 2.0 ecommerce websites for florists.

Strider SEO/SEM and Florist 2.0

It was our good friends at Strider SEM/Florist 2.0 that steered us in direction of Concrete5, and they continue to provide us with the same kind valuable SEO guidance and expertise they share with their florist clients.

Daniel Gagan, Forest Mist Software

Daniel Gagan, Renaissance Man

Daniel is an incredibly talented freelancer who was involved with almost all aspects of the website setup and design. He is expert in Concrete5 and other technologies including:


Some of the little side projects he does for fun, like the Night Shades Bookmarklet or this Web Audio API Demo are more polished and beautiful to look at than the paid work most people put out.

Epic Flowers ecommerce websites for florists.

Epic Flowers

Our friends at Epic review the site and generously shared their expertise on usability and conversion – the same knowledge they use to increase conversion on their ecommerce websites for florists.