FloristWare Testimonials:
Feedback From Florists Just Like You

Why take it from us? Please read some of the feedback FloristWare has received from florists just like you over the last decade.

Thanks you so much! I believe in Floristware and would be lost with out it. I try to share that with anyone who will listen.
– Rodney Canady
Owner, Blooms A Million Florist | Pensacola Florida
FloristWare is super easy to use and makes staff training a breeze!
– James Lowe AIFD, CFD
Owner, Lowe's Floral | Minot North Dakota
FloristWare is great. Many adwords to track sales and marketing features to help you drive your ship. No contract!
– Rick Rivers
Owner, A Floral Boutique Florist | Ormond Beach Florida
Creator of Florist Bootcamp, Respected Industry Speaker and Author
I have been using FloristWare for almost four years and I am very pleased with it!
– Terri Patton
Owner, Lake Gaston Flower Shop | Gasburg Virginia
Julie is awesome, thanks!
– Adam Pomerantz
Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
Thank you for you support as a sponsor at our Northeast Floral Expo 2015.
– Judy Falcon
Connecticut Florist Association
Thanks for your support... We could not do what we do without it!
– Rod Crittenden
Executive Vice President | Michigan Floral Association, Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists Association
The staff at FloristWare has always been terrific to work with from explaining a feature to resolving any issues that have ever arose. The owner is a pleasure to speak with and tries to accommodate special requests.
– Joan Coleman
Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
Thank you so much for supporting The Connecticut Florists Association's annual convention -- The Northeast Floral Expo, we are very excited to have you participate as a sponsor this year!
– Michael Derouin AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CAFA
NEFE Chairperson
It does everything I need. New features are continually added to the software, and older features are updated regularly to allow superior customer service from us to our clients.
– Rosemary Little Jeffares
Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Deborah, and Julie, AND MARK completely saved my sanity (and quite possibly) a 4th generation flower shop. The customer service is second to none. Whereas my problem isn't fully resolved, it's a problem that is, in no way, of their doing; nor is it necessarily of any vested interest to FloristWare to have implemented a merely temporary solution (solely to 'get us thru valentine's day'). After being crippled by (wire service) for so long.. its refreshing to 'matter'.. Small family shops DESERVE to 'matter'.. and to be treated fairly and with respect. I'm rambling.. just had to step onto my lil soap box for a minute.
– Melissa Mays
Owner, Nature's Corner Florist | Anderson South Carolina
I love working with you and your team. I appreciate ALL that you do!!
– Lisa Pritchett
Owner, Lilium Floral | Colleyville Texas
You guys are awesome – I am telling every florist I meet they need to switch to FloristWare!
– Amra Kolasinac
Owner, Scent & Violet | Houston Texas
After over six years we are still in love with FloristWare.
– Marianne Cichowski
Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC
We are very impressed with the FloristWare point of sale system. Mark and the staff at FloristWare provide a straight forward, easy to use point of sale to manage a retail flower shop at an affordable price. Their customer service and responsiveness meet the highest of standards.
– Loranne Atwill
VP Operations/Owner | Flower Shop Network, Inc.
We are happy to have your company as an AIFD Industry Partner.
– Rachel G. Schley
American Institute of Floral Designers
FloristWare has simpliflied the the training process for new employees, because the system is so easy to use. It virtually “walks” the staff through the order taking process. An important benefit, this saves time and money in getting new staff up to speed. This is in stark contrast to most other systems where it can take as much as a week to train new users on the basics.
– Alison Roberge
Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
Other POS systems had higher monthly rates, as well as nickel and dimmed you to death. With Floristware its one simple flat monthly rate, no gimmicks, nothing to buy, and works with most existing systems, older or advanced.
– Terry and Becky McCloskey
Owners, Creative Arrangements | Michigan
We have many clients on FloristWare, and it's one of only two POS systems that we have ever recommended. FloristWare is backed by really great people and is powering a lot of really happy florists.
– Ryan Freeman
Firth Generation Florist at Martin's the Flower People
President, Strider Search Marketing and Florist 2.0
Respected Industry Speaker and SEO Expert
Ten People We Owe A Big Thank You: Mark Anderson, founder and owner of FloristWare software system. We started looking for a florist specific software system around 2005 and after much frustration finally found FloristWare. We didn't know it at the time but we were one of his first customers. Mark spent many hours helping us figure out our computer system. Keep in mind that we started in 2001 with just a single computer sitting on a lazy susan between our desks so we could turn the (humongous) screen to whichever person wanted to use it. When it came to setting up the system we needed a lot of help and a lot of patience! Mark has been a fantastic Periwinkle cheerleader ever since and we are so glad to have his friendship and guidance as we move forward to our next ten years. Thanks Mark!
– Jessica McEwen
Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario

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