FloristWare Testimonials:
Feedback From Florists Just Like You

Why take it from us? Please read some of the feedback FloristWare has received from florists just like you over the last decade.

Thank you FloristWare for sponsoring Mr. Rick Rivers for is very informative and fun program at Virginia Professional Florist Association's Convention yesterday! I learned so much!
– Terri Patton
VPFA President & Owner, Lake Gaston Flower Shop | Gasburg VA
Your system was sold as a simple pos system with some marketing advantages, but I am finding that the system is so easy to use, and the marketing programs are easy and inexpensive to implement, two things that have always been a hurdle in past programs, you have always needed expensive printing, giftcards or other programs to implement any other marketing tools... I am so glad I went with your program.
– FloristWare User
I have been using FloristWare for the last 3 years. It is very simple to use and if you need help Julie is awesome – you leave a message and she calls you right back. It is reasonably priced and they do not have all of the extra charges that the wire services have. They have been a life saver many times if I had a problem with my computers, even if it was my fault. I would recommend FloristWare very highly.
– Brenda Theurer
Owner Brenda's Florist | Butte Montana
I got this order from a customer who lives in Houston TX, hasn't ordered since 2009, thanks to FloristWare email reminder feature!!
– Adam Pomerantz
Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
Thanks again for your support. We truly appreciate it and the opportunity to have people like Tim Huckabee at our conference to give our attendees great info to continue to be successful with their businesses. It is sponsorship like yours that helps to make that possible.
– Cindy Jones Reynolds
President, Virginia Professional Florist Association (VPFA)
So as you know we are moving and I wanted to let our customers know. I used your marketing solution to print our cards after I query a list of whom I want. Since there is a lady in the room Mark, I won't use bad words, but I will say... OMFG THIS IS AWESOME! :) Thanks for a kick-ass florist solution, I have my 1000 post cards done in under 30 min.
– Brandon Kirkland
Owner, The Enchanted Florist | Ashland Washington
Founder, Epic Flowers Websites For Florists
Thank you for registering to be a part of the dynamic 2015 AIFD National Symposium! We are so excited that you will be part of the “Journey” experience in Denver!
– Rachel G. Schley
American Institute of Floral Designers
Just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION from BLOOMS A MILLION! You guys have been great! Deborah has been awesome and invaluable to us!
– Rodney Canady
Owner, Blooms A Million Florist | Pensacola Florida
Problem solved. Julie's awesome. Thanks for great service.
– Annette Hentz
Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
Thanks for presenting the subject matter. The floral industry needs this type of thoughtful exchange on a regular basis.
– Betsy Hall
Owner, Hall's Flower Shop & Garden Center | Stone Mountain Georgia
It has truly been a pleasure to work with both of you. Your patience, expertise, and reliability are truly second to none. We have been so happy with FloristWare, especially because of the amazing support you have both provided us!
– Rachel
Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
Take a very busy flower shop, add a staff of pen-and-paper designer/order takers, and you have a paperwork nightmare that only a $$$ bookkeeper can straighten out. Who has the time? Or the money?? FloristWare immediately cut our bookkeeping costs by 75% and simplified tax calculations into a click, click -- you're done! -- operation. It allows all of the customer tracking information we need: historical purchase patterns, important customer contact and billing information, personal preferences. Inventory control and sales reports are generated in an instant. Staff performance, sales breakdowns in every conceivable configuration. Frankly, more than we'll ever use, but good to know it's there.

Responsive service, intuitive user interface, simplified bookkeeping, client data storage and tax recording.

FloristWare gave us back our Sundays!

Thanks FloristWare!
– Rivers Reid
Owner, Blossoms Rosedale | Toronto Ontario
I cannot believe how much my customers love the e-mail invoicing and delivery confirmations... in 4 months of using FloristWare I feel so much more interactive with my customers because when I send the invoice or a delivery confirmation they usually write back with how the recipient liked the flowers or a quick thank you or even a picture that they got from the recipient... this is huge in todays marketplace... I am also impressed with the plethora of marketing tools and the possibilities opened up to have a continuing relationship with my customers, the points system is a great offer to my customers and something they don't need to track so it is easy, I cannot wait until they start seeing the benefits and really get the idea behind it.
– Post to Our Facebook Page
Just wanted you to know how awesome I think FloristWare is...

We (all of us here at Fred's Flowers in Logan, Utah) have been on (a high-priced wire service POS system) RTI for the last hundred years. Well, not really but it seems like it! When I decided to get a new system and go "another route," I was met with a little hostility from employees, and I was personally scared of the change.

At first, nobody would use the new "colorful" system because "it takes too long," and "the customer had an account on (old system)," and "I was scared to use it, 'cause I don't feel comfotable with it (this was me)," etc... Well, when I finally got the courage to say "No More (old system)," and made all of us use FloristWare, we have LOVED it--especially me!

I love how the accounts are set up, I loved how fast and easy it is to send out statements – about 5 minutes to print the end of month statements on FloristWare, compared to 45 minutes on (old system). And our customers really like the new easier to read and decipher statements. The invoice options are awesome – we can print them or we can use the ever-so-nifty fax or e-mail options from FloristWare. Yeah!

Now that I have grown courage, I can take an order in record time and the younger employees can take them faster! I love how the orders print, I love how the cards print-- ours our a lovely lavender color with purple lettering and our logo – they are awesome and quick.

Bookkeeping is a breeze! No more talk about that because bookkeeping makes me insane, and I'd rather not go there. But, even I can print reports and look at all sorts of great bookkeeping things, if I feel like it.

I love to print out the list of pending orders--it keeps me on top of the day or the next week, whatever, it's great!

End of day reports and cash register reconcilliation is the most fabulous thing ever! On (old system) it took some one about 20 minutes to input all the info into the computer and run the 30 pages of reports and wait forever for the credit cards to capture – a real drag!

Now, all that same info is on two sheets of paper and it takes about half a second to print it and make sure all the money matches up. This make me smile every day!

If anyone ever wants to know about FloristWare--send them to me I'll convince them how awesome it is!
– Barb Watson
Owner, Fred's Flowers | Logan Utah
Floristware is working really well for us.
– John Beesley

Owner, Acanthus Floral & Botanical Ltd. | Almonte Ontario
We couldn't be happier with the ease and convenience that Floristware provides with wiring out our floral order through Flower Shop Network. We've always enjoyed working with both of them, but now that they interface, it's made our life so much easier. The transaction is now just a one step effort, and was very simple for all the staff to master.
– Ray German
Owner, Taylor Made Florals | New Hampshire
We have been very pleased with our FloristWare POS. I have recommended to all the florists we deal with both local colleagues and our wire partners.
– James Vince
Owner, Bloomfields Flowers | Ottawa Ontario
I don't know what you're going through as far as the competitors go, but I do believe in your product, and you do too. Forget about the bs and stick to what your intentions were to begin with: to provide a viable cost-effective, better POS for florists than what was on the market. (your competitors) know all about you. Every time I've gotten a call from their salespeople with the POS pitch I just mention FloristWare and they shut right up. They haven't even attempted to change my mind. They know your product is a good one that more and more florists are either using already or are considering using. I will continue to promote FloristWare in any way I can....
– Dorothy Zunti
Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
Valentine's day was a perfect crash course in using and getting used to the FloristWare system. It worked perfect and made things very easy for us this year... I appreciate all your help and assistance in making this year a great Valentine's day success!!!!
– Dave Black
Owner, Off the Wall Florist | St. Louis Missouri
We want to schedule install for Monday morning. We are using the Floristware trial and are excited about what program can do for us.
– Trial User

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