FloristWare Testimonials:
Feedback From Florists Just Like You

Why take it from us? Please read some of the feedback FloristWare has received from florists just like you over the last decade.

...thanks for being so patient with us "start ups" - it's a great POS you've developed and the customer service is awesome.
– Pam Doute
Owner, Keller & Stein Florist | Canton Michigan
We tried QuickBooks POS but immediately realized that the flower business is very different from other types of retail. We need a system that was designed from the ground up with florists in mind and switched back to FloristWare immediately. Just accounting isn't good enough for a real florist.
– Richard
Owner, Jackie O Flowers | Toronto Ontario
I have enjoyed working with your company so much! Everyone I deal with is so professional, honest and insightful.
– Laura Frick
Owner, Flower Country and Gifts | Columbia South Carolina
It is Great!!!!!!!! I really do appreciate what you do for us. I also appreciate that you listen to things I send to you and that you really do take them into account. I can’t say thanks enough!!!!
– Ricky Mapes
Owner, Tylertown Florist | Tylertown Mississipi
Mark has created the most incredible Point of Sale system in the floral industry. Easy to use, great customer service and innovative ideas for making every floral business as profitable as possible make this the best system on the market. Mark has amazing ideas, listens to the needs of his customers, and is always interested in ideas to make this a constantly evolving and growing system.
– Kelly O'Mara
Marketing, Pistil Flowers | Toronto Ontario
FloristWare is a great program. I wish that we had found FloristWare before investing in a wire service POS.
– Michael Champion
Owner, Rose Petals | North Carolina
Being able to access a customer’s info with both their name and their phone number – this has helped save face many times when you know the customer well but can’t pull their name to mind on the spot. Also, being able to see both the customer’s and recipient’s history while taking the order is invaluable – again because it makes the client feel known to you, even if you didn’t personally serve them before.
– Jessica McEwen
Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
FloristWare has also simplified Accounts Receivable. This is typically the single biggest benefit for any shop thinking of switching from a paper based system to a more efficient electronic system. Instead of recording an order on paper, entering it into the cash register, writing an enclosure card and delivery slip, and then – usually at a much later time or date- entering the order into an accounting program, FloristWare does it all at once. You enter the order (which in itself is easier then ever before having instant access to all the customer and recipient information) and FloristWare automatically prints the work order, the delivery slip and the enclosure card. It also provides the options of printing an invoice at that moment (formatted for a window envelope) or faxing or e-mailing it directly to the client. This feature is a much more efficient and cost effective way of managing the order taking process and keeping Accounts Receivable up to date. That translates into better cash flow and lower staff costs.
– Alison Roberge
Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
Mark, Just in case it gets so, so crazy (lol) in the next few days I just wanted to wish you a Happy U.S. Thanksgiving and tell you that FloristWare, you and your staff are at the top of my list for being thankful for this holiday!
– Joan Coleman
Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
We love having the ability to look up and reprint an invoice. Before we used to have to go through boxes of hand written invoices to find it and waste a considerable amount of time.
– Marianne Cichowski
Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC
The reason we chose FloristWare is simple: it's easy to use AND powerful. The touch screen interface leads order takers through then entire customer care process and then tracks the progress of the order from the design room to the delivery van and to the final destination. The marketing tools allow us to automatically remind customer of their special events and with a built in customer history, reorders are a snap!
– James Lowe AIFD, CFD
Owner, Lowe's Floral | Minot North Dakota
Thank you again for your continued support and participation in WUMFA events.
– Rodney P. Crittenden
Executive Vice President, Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists Association
It rocks! AWESOME! Spent today setting up nested categories, also awesome. massive improvements, thank you!
– Cheer
Manager, Fiore | San Francisco California
After doing FloristWare's trial...I am hooked!!! It is SOOOO much easier to use than (our current system).
– Lianne Evans
Shop Owner
I just wanted to send you a quick note about the training we received today from Deborah. She had me and my father on two different phones – pounding her with questions. You have quite an asset in her. She KNOWS the system. I got more out of that 2 hour call than I have with "trainers" in house for a couple of days with (previous wire service POS systems).
– Rob Humphreys Johnson
Owner, Humphreys Flowers
FloristWare is great for a shop of any size, easily adaptable from the 'Mom and Pop' to the 5-store chain.
– Tim Huckabee AIFSE
President, FloralStrategies
Author or CSI Flower Shop and the most popular & the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry.
Thank you for devising a computer software program that is so easy and convenient to use. After owing my shop for over 25 years, we have become more and more busy and I knew could no longer rely on the archaic method of writing orders manually. I was reluctant because of my lack of computer skills, however, your FloristWare program is truly designed for the busy florist, with reminders, customer budget tools and spreadsheets that have calculated the PST and GST for us. Not to mention other details including customer information and delivery schedules. Floristware's support system is so very helpful and our calls and messages have been returned ever so promptly. Every florist can benefit from your FloristWare program.
– Yvonne Maitland
Owner, Apple Blossom Flowers | Orono Ontario
I had a customer order five arrangements to be delivered on five consecutive days after we talked. I set it up right and FloristWare printed five separate worksheets, each with the right day of the week. My wife was stunned, but I simply told her: FloristWare can do ANYTHING.
– Bill Bryan
Owner, Flower City | North Carolina
I just processed our first house account payment in FloristWare. It worked perfectly! It was fantastic!

You can’t know how much of an improvement this is over how (previous POS system) handled house payments. Just applying a payment to the balance without regard to which invoice was being paid.

Now we will look soooo much more professional to our business customers.
– George White
Owner, Morningside Florist
When seasonal help comes in for the holidays, It is easy to train them on FloristWare.
– Terry and Becky McCloskey
Owners, Creative Arrangements | Michigan

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