FloristWare Testimonials:
Feedback From Florists Just Like You

Why take it from us? Please read some of the feedback FloristWare has received from florists just like you over the last decade.

Thank you for supporting the 2015 GLFE! The attendees left excited, inspired and reenergized about the floral industry. The credit for this goes to sponsors like FloristWare for their support of the event. THANK YOU!
– Rodney P. Crittenden
Executive Vice President, Michigan Floral Association
I have used every major POS and think Floristware is one of the easiest to explain, demonstrate and get the staff not just using but enjoying.
– Tim Huckabee AIFSE
President, FloralStrategies
Author or CSI Flower Shop and the most popular & the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry.
For the longest time I thought a POS was there to organize orders and run reports; boy was I wrong. After looking at FloristWare, I now know that the greatest feature a POS should have is a marketing solution that makes money for me. After useing or testing other floral point of sales, FloristWare's marketing features are amazing, easy to use and is a lot easier to train new staff to use than other systems I have tried. One bad thing about FloristWare is, I lay in bed at night excited coming up with new marketing ideas with my wife and I am losing a lot of sleep. :)
– Brandon Kirkland
Owner, The Enchanted Florist | Ashland Washington
Founder, Epic Flowers Websites For Florists
I love how the accounts are set up, I loved how fast and easy it is to send out statements – about 5 minutes to print the end of month statements on FloristWare, compared to 45 minutes on the (old system). And our customers really like the new easier to read and decipher statements. The invoice options are awesome – we can print them or we can use the ever-so-nifty fax or e-mail options from FloristWare. Yeah!
– Barb Watson
Owner, Fred's Flowers | Logan Utah
I reccommend the FloristWare POS, you use your equipment and no fees at all, monthly prices start as low as $100. They are light years ahead in the marketing game. They will save you money.
– Rick Rivers
Owner, A Floral Boutique Florist | Ormond Beach Florida
Creator of Florist Bootcamp, Respected Industry Speaker and Author
Your support and generosity helped the FSFA 2014 convention be the colossal success it was and for that we cannot thank you enough. FloristWare, thank you so very much for your donation to the FSFA convention, may your largesse come back to you tenfold.
– Deborah & Gus De La Flor
FSFA 2014 Convention Chairpersons
By the way, if you ever need a testimony about the quality of your customer service, please let us know! We would be very happy to write something. We are such big fans of FloristWare, especially because of your and Julie's exceptional support.
– Rachel
Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
Mark has a rare combination of savvy programming and software development skills, an intense dedication to customer service, and unwavering business ethics. We have the privilege of working alongside Mark and the FloristWare team while serving a large number of shared clients, and we are consistently impressed with the software product, customer service and the efforts of FloristWare to improve the floral industry.
– Ryan Freeman
Firth Generation Florist at Martin's the Flower People
President, Strider Search Marketing and Florist 2.0
Respected Industry Speaker and SEO Expert
FloristWare immediately cut our bookkeeping costs by 75% and simplified tax calculations into a click, click -- you're done! -- operation.
– Rivers Reid
Owner, Blossoms Rosedale | Toronto Ontario
Having the customer loyalty points program in general increases repeat customers/sales because customers know they are building discounts toward future purchases. From the customer's point of view: not having to carry "another" points card is a big plus and encourages customers to sign up for the program without hesitation.
– Dorothy Zunti
Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
Again – great presentation, valuable info. Thanks for helping us independent florists.
– Annette Hentz
Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
Oh, I did have one great reaction from a temp to the software. She didn’t work with us Christmas, so the last time she has been in the floral shop side as an employee was mothers’ day last year. We were still on pen and paper with cash registers, credit card machines, the whole nine yards.

She came in for a hour last week and I gave her her login and password. She then started playing with the software. Taking a “phone order” then a “walk in with customer info” then a complex walk in with customer info and delivery on the same sale. Then finally a walk in with no customer information. It was minimal how much she had to be talked through. She loved the fact that she doesn’t have to write enclosure cards, fight for access to a cash register or credit card machine, or have her hand cramp up from writing three/four/five orders during the same phone call from the same person. She likes the duplicate feature!!!

She is thrilled, and I am thrilled that I get another computer friendly person for VD!
– James Lowe AIFD, CFD
Owner, Lowe's Floral | Minot North Dakota
We have a new standing order for their weekly flowers and they tend to have about a function a week. The floor manager said she had gone through a few other respected florists whom she'd worked with in the past as an event co-ordinator and none of them could deliver an invoice promptly. One of the reasons we got the gig is that every time she phones she gets an invoice right away, she knows we have her order in the system and that she can expect us to deliver. (Which of course we do!) So, thanks to FloristWare and my skilled florists we have a winning combination that gets us the accounts we need!
– Rosemary Little Jeffares
Owner, Quince Flowers | Toronto Ontario
I can't believe we ever got along without the program!! It feels like driving without the steering wheel.
– Marianne Cichowski
Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC
We just wanted to take the time to say THANKS A MILLION! We had a great day yesterday. And Thanks to you it was smooth sailing.
– Rodney Canady
Owner, Blooms A Million Florist | Pensacola Florida
Looking up orders from many months ago. We used to have to search through files of paper orders for the details, which meant calling the customer back and sorely trying everyone’s patience – now we have the info instantly.
– Jessica McEwen
Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
Thanks for always being there for support!!! You are awesome.
– Lisa Pritchett
Owner, Lilium Floral | Colleyville Texas
We are LOVING FloristWare!!!!! It has been such a huge help in streamlining so many things in the shop. Now that we have gotten more used to it I need to go back through and start learning how to use some of the more advanced features.
– Christina Matthews Brown
Owner, Violets in Bloom | Melbourne Florida
Owner, Roses are Red Florist | Indialantic Florida
Thanks, you guys are always such a great help!!! I really appreciate all you do for me ;)
– Adam Pomerantz
Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
FloristWare is a great program, and I want to see it grow even more. With all other POS's I have never been able to collect as much customer information, and I love it.
– Amra Kolasinac
Owner, Scent & Violet | Houston Texas

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