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Why take it from us? Please read some of the feedback FloristWare has received from florists just like you over the last decade.

Hello Julie and Deborah. Thanks to your emergency help, we surived valentine's day! Thank you again for your fast and effective ALWAYS! :)
– Rachel
Terry May Concept Flowers | New York, New York
The thing I love best about the marketing tools is the fact that they are so easy to implement...
– Post to Our Facebook Page
The Jewish holidays are our busiest times of the year – having the addresses and details on file for each customer’s usual list of recipients let us take down multiple orders quickly.
– Jessica McEwen
Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
Being able to repeat an order easily from a customer’s history has been very helpful – not having to type everything up for customers who order the same thing weekly for example is a great time saver.
– Jessica McEwen
Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
Thanks for all you do. Still don’t know how I could do this without your system.
– Annette Hentz
Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
I'm convinced the fundraising feature doubled my Prom business this year. I partnered with the local high school to give back 10% of all the Prom business generated by the school. They put my glossy postcard in all the Prom packets. My Prom Open House this past weekend was a HUGE success, and Floristware is tracking it all for me.
– Annette Hentz
Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
Mark has always been there to help us with whatever questions we have; the upgrades take care of most of the issues we have expressed; and Mark and his staff are constantly striving to improve FloristWare to make it the best possible POS system for users. The dedication Mark has to his product and its constant improvements creates confidence and reassurance for business owners who use FloristWare.
– Dorothy Zunti
Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
Thank you for your generous support of VPFA!!!!!! It is my pleasure and I will continue to recommend FloristWare!!!
– Terri Patton
VPFA Member & Owner, Lake Gaston Flower Shop | Gasburg VA
FloristWare is one of the best independent POS systems for the flower business I have encountered. I recommend his program to small and big shops alike as it is both powerful and easy to use.
– Tim Huckabee AIFSE
President, FloralStrategies
Author or CSI Flower Shop and the most popular & the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry.
The Budget tool in FloristWare has proven very popular when dealing with price conscious clients. It allows staff to enter the clients’ total budget (what they’re prepared to spend) and FloristWare automatically backs out any applicable service and/or delivery charges and sales taxes. This shows the sales person how much money is left to spend on product.
– Alison Roberge
Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta
I really like the Progress Tracker feature. I use it as a small “Dispatch Manager” (or my version of it). I do not use delivery slips, but print delivery lists from progress tracker and use it as trip sheets – it looks much more professional.
– Amra Kolasinac
Owner, Scent & Violet | Houston Texas
End of day reports and cash register reconcilliation is the most fabulous thing ever! On (old system) it took some one about 20 minutes to input all the info into the computer and run the 30 pages of reports and wait forever for the credit cards to capture – a real drag! Now, all that same info is on two sheets of paper and it takes about half a second to print it and make sure all the money matches up. This make me smile every day!
– Barb Watson
Owner, Fred's Flowers | Logan Utah
I really appreciate all you do for me! I love Floristware!!! I have been using the interface at holidays when the orders pour in, instead of entering manually. It saves so much time!
– Adam Pomerantz
Owner, Belvedere Flowers | Havertown Pennsylvania
I cannot thank you enough for FloristWare... you were our LAST hope.. and you didn't take advantage of us.. nor have you taken advantage of any of the struggling florists who look to you for an affordable, reliable alternative to the noose that is the (wire service) POS.
– Melissa Mays
Owner, Nature's Corner Florist | Anderson South Carolina
I want to thank for your support in our convention!
– Rodney Canady
Owner, Blooms A Million Florist | Pensacola Florida
It is great sending through Flower Shop Network. With 1 Click and it is done!!!! Could not be easier! Thanks so much for your great program! I could not imagine not using Floristware… I would recommend it to anyone!!!!! Thanks Again!
– Ricky Mapes
Owner, Tylertown Florist | Tylertown Mississipi
we have been with FloristWare for about 4 far all is good. They were very quick to get back to us with answers to our questions, in the beginning when we needed some guidance. But pretty smooth sailing ever since day 1. It is so nice to have all our numbers at our fingertips and all our customers at our fingertips.....paying sales tax this past quater was the simplest ever...
– FloristWare User
New Jersey
We tried your marketing feature of FloristWare for the first time just in time for Mother's Day. We created a mailing list of 300 names and mailed out a postcard 10 days before Mother's day. We also did a follow up about 5 days with an email reminder. You could have knocked our socks off with the response. We had 48 orders – not responses – but 48 orders from the post cards. We are in the process of creating an agressive marketing campaign using FloristWare and will let you know the results. The extra business I'm sure is more than paying for you program. Keep up the good work!
– Marianne Cichowski
Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC
You have a good system in FloristWare. Neutrality (credit card processing) is an awesome business practice. It ensures you get the best rates!
– Ross Erickson
Merchant Services Provider
Thank you for being a part of AIFD’s successful 2014 National Symposium in Chicago and for helping to make our Partners’ Expo outstanding!
– Rachel G. Schley
American Institute of Floral Designers

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