Mark Anderson

Founder & Senior Developer 


Over twenty years of experience in retail floral - the first twelve spent in setting up and managing retail flower shops and the rest working with the rapidly growing number of FloristWare users to make it the best POS system in the business - an enthusiastic member and supporter of a number of industry associations and contributor to Floral Management magazine.


Mark was not a technician who decided the floral industry would be an easy one to figure out and sell to. Instead he’s someone who spent more than a decade in retail floral - not visiting or selling to florists but actually working in flower shops - and then built a system tailored to that unique industry.

The first two years were spent working with a floral franchisor with more than 100 locations - providing great insight into best practices, what worked and what doesn't.

"That was a crazy introduction to the flower business - helping people open stores and get them through their first holidays! Watching that many different people try and do the same things (take and fill orders, make sales, etc.) really showed me where automation could improve things, and helped devise practices that led to the launch of two family stores."


The next ten years were spent opening and running two retail flower shops with his family - one large (more than one million dollars in annual sales) and one small (less than $200K in annual sales).

"That first-hand experience was invaluable because it let me participate in two completely different kinds of operations every day. At the busy store you had a dedicated manager/expediter, designers, order takers, and more. Each needed a system that kept them focussed on the few tasks that they performed countless times each day, and let them perform those tasks quickly. At the smaller store you had one person doing all those different things, and they needed a system that would make it easy even if they only used certain features once or twice a week. It was a great reminder than every shop is different, and for a system to work for different operations it needs a lot of different configuration options."


Mark was also the first independent (non wire-service) technology vendor to be invited to join the Technology Committee of the Society of American Florists (SAF) and participates in various SAF events. This is part of an ongoing commitment to supporting industry-specific associations. In addition to SAF FloristWare is a member of the Michigan Floral Association (MFA) and American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). Perhaps most importantly FloristWare is one of the original six vendor members of Florists For Change (FFC).

"The association work takes a lot of time and energy but it’s very rewarding. Too many vendors are only concerned with selling to florists. Vendors have a responsibility to support the industry but almost all of the independent technology providers are only taking. I enjoy working with the dedicated volunteers behind organizations like FFC, SAF, MFA and AIFD. I also learn a lot about how to make FloristWare better for our clients"


As a technology provider Mark has contributed several articles to the "Plugged In" tech column in Floral Management, a monthly magazine published by the Society of American Florists (SAF).

"SAF is an amazing association and in this industry we're all so lucky to have them on our side. Kate Penn does a fantastic job with Floral Management and it is an honor to contribute."


Mark also maintains close relationships with noted industry experts, educators, speakers and trainers - people like Tim Huckabee, Ryan Freeman, Derrick Myers, Rick Rivers and Jon McClory.

"It is a privilege - and an education! - to work with these people. I can’t tell you how many times a quick phone call with one of them led to something that made FloristWare better for our clients."


Retail pricing, and the way it can be used to increase sales and profit is something between a hobby and an obsession for Mark. He writes on the topic for, speaks about it at conventions and conferences and maintains the Beyond Cost Plus website – devoted to helping florists improve profitability through better pricing. Most recently he presented a series of three webinars on pricing in the flower business as part of the SAF Weblast series.

"Pricing is endlessly fascinating and there is so much great research out there, much of which can be applied to the flower business very easily, and with surprising results."


Mark is involved with several non-profit organizations. He is past-president of an organization dedicated to honoring and preserving the early military history of North America. He also sits on the board of an organization that provides assistance to older homeless men, generally veterans. In addition he aids a local reserve unit, using technology to free the soldiers from duties that would otherwise distract them from their training. He is married and has two sons.

Feedback For Mark

The staff at FloristWare has always been terrific to work with from explaining a feature to resolving any issues that have ever arose. The owner is a pleasure to speak with and tries to accommodate special requests.
– Joan Coleman
Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
Mark has a rare combination of savvy programming and software development skills, an intense dedication to customer service, and unwavering business ethics. We have the privilege of working alongside Mark and the FloristWare team while serving a large number of shared clients, and we are consistently impressed with the software product, customer service and the efforts of FloristWare to improve the floral industry.
– Ryan Freeman
Firth Generation Florist at Martin's the Flower People
President, Strider Search Marketing and Florist 2.0
Respected Industry Speaker and SEO Expert
Mark is always looking for ways to help you make your business grow and has a POS system that is both powerful and easy to use. Mark is very willing to share marketing knowledge to non-users of his sytem as well and is a detail oriented in all of his presentations. I highly recommend viewing his service.
– Sherry Tannozzini
President, Flowers From The Rainflorist | Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The vendor is superb - friendly, responsive and dedicated to the support of their customers. Floristware is a partner in my business, not just a tool.
– Annette Hentz
Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
Ten People We Owe A Big Thank You: Mark Anderson, founder and owner of FloristWare software system. We started looking for a florist specific software system around 2005 and after much frustration finally found FloristWare. We didn't know it at the time but we were one of his first customers. Mark spent many hours helping us figure out our computer system. Keep in mind that we started in 2001 with just a single computer sitting on a lazy susan between our desks so we could turn the (humongous) screen to whichever person wanted to use it. When it came to setting up the system we needed a lot of help and a lot of patience! Mark has been a fantastic Periwinkle cheerleader ever since and we are so glad to have his friendship and guidance as we move forward to our next ten years. Thanks Mark!
– Jessica McEwen
Owner, Periwinkle Flowers | Toronto Ontario
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Deborah, and Julie, AND MARK completely saved my sanity (and quite possibly) a 4th generation flower shop. The customer service is second to none. Whereas my problem isn't fully resolved, it's a problem that is, in no way, of their doing; nor is it necessarily of any vested interest to FloristWare to have implemented a merely temporary solution (solely to 'get us thru valentine's day'). After being crippled by (wire service) for so long.. its refreshing to 'matter'.. Small family shops DESERVE to 'matter'.. and to be treated fairly and with respect. I'm rambling.. just had to step onto my lil soap box for a minute.
– Melissa Mays
Owner, Nature's Corner Florist | Anderson South Carolina
Mark has always been there to help us with whatever questions we have; the upgrades take care of most of the issues we have expressed; and Mark and his staff are constantly striving to improve FloristWare to make it the best possible POS system for users. The dedication Mark has to his product and its constant improvements creates confidence and reassurance for business owners who use FloristWare.
– Dorothy Zunti
Owner, Summerland Flowers and Gifts | Summerland BC
Mark has created the most incredible Point of Sale system in the floral industry. Easy to use, great customer service and innovative ideas for making every floral business as profitable as possible make this the best system on the market. Mark has amazing ideas, listens to the needs of his customers, and is always interested in ideas to make this a constantly evolving and growing system.
– Kelly O'Mara
Marketing, Pistil Flowers | Toronto Ontario
Mark, Just in case it gets so, so crazy (lol) in the next few days I just wanted to wish you a Happy U.S. Thanksgiving and tell you that FloristWare, you and your staff are at the top of my list for being thankful for this holiday!
– Joan Coleman
Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
We have the privilege of working alongside Mark and the FloristWare team while serving a large number of shared clients, and we are consistently impressed with the software product, customer service and the efforts of FloristWare to improve the floral industry.
– Ryan Freeman
Firth Generation Florist at Martin's the Flower People
President, Strider Search Marketing and Florist 2.0
Respected Industry Speaker and SEO Expert


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