FloristWare Version 3.2

A special emphasis on Accounts Receivable tools that help retail florists by making billing easier and payment faster.

Like each new version of FloristWare v3.2 contained a variety of new features and enhancements touching on everything from marketing to reporting to production efficiency.

There was also a special emphasis on making the existing Accounts Receivables tools more powerful. We were seeing more and more users that were running thousands of house accounts and we worked hard to give them tools that would make that easier.

New Features & Enhancements...

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FloristWare Version 3.2 includes a new option for building lists of customers and recipients that we call "Search Expert" It gives people who are experienced with creating find requests the fastest and most powerful approach to creating precise lists. Users still have access to the "Name by Name" and "Power Builder" options as well.

You can now send additional delivery confirmations at any time. This is very handy if the customer did not get the original confirmation and/or would like it sent to a different e-mail address. Just find the order and click the button! 

You now get to determine in what order you would like to "assign" your outgoing orders simply by choosing from a list. In previous versions you had to work through each order according to the fulfillment date. This new approach gives you more control over your workflow and allows you to better manage your outgoing wires and your time.

This new Accounts Receivable report makes it very easy to figure out what accounts have unallocated balances that need to be applied to outstanding invoices.

When reviewing an Account History you now have the option of narrowing the date range in the quickest and easiest way possible. This makes it much easier to work with active/longstanding accounts that have a lot of history with you.

Both reports that show the aging of your receivables are now easier to use. Instead of breaking the aging down into thirteen different periods it is now broken down into just five (as requested by our users). This makes the information provided more relevant and useful.

When taking a payment on account you can now print the receipt in slip format on your ribbon printer. This is very handy for shops that have customers come in to make payments on their account.

Searching for accounts is now easier than ever - closed and deleted accounts no longer show up with the type-ahead/auto-fill feature. This makes it easy to avoid mistakes.

You can now search for an order using any of the text on the enclosure card. This gives you one more way to quickly find a particular order.

The "Cost of Goods Sold" report and related fields have been renamed "Sales Accounts". This change makes it more consistent with common terminology.

You now have the ability to add records to our "Places" database. If you believe that a city or town is missing from our master database you can now add it. You can also add commonly used names for local areas that might not be recognized as official cities or towns by your government or post office. This feature can also be used to break a large city or town into different zones.

The design and layout of all documents seen by the customer (receipts, invoices and statements) has been greatly improved. These are now better looking than ever.

You can now quickly create, refine and print product/price lists for reference.

Refund notices for credit card sales now include the last four digits of the credit card number that was used. This is done for reference purposes.

A new feature makes the "Sales By Occasion" report more accurate and useful than ever. You can now "attach" and/or correct the occasion type for each order while generating this report. This allows for more accurate reporting and marketing analysis - even when your employees have failed to specify the occasion during the order-taking process.